About ArtReach


Through free, high-quality art classes, weekend workshops and community-based art projects, ArtReach at THEARC strives to combat the dire lack of arts education in Washington DC, foster the development of creative and critical thinking skills in young people, and provide a safe and supportive space where youth and families can engage with issues meaningful to themselves and their community through the arts. 

Since 2005, ArtReach has been a vital visual arts partner at THEARC and aspires to be a cornerstone for community engagement through arts-based work that promotes real social dividends, therapeutic respite and advanced college preparation. Partnering with George Washington University faculty, staff, students and alumni, ArtReach programs and collaborative projects act as a vehicle for strengthening cross-cultural understanding, enhancing communication, activating citizenship, heightening a sense of self-worth, and fostering greater understanding among organizations and their communities. 

Questions? Email Melissa Green at greenm@email.gwu.edu.

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