Community-Engaged Scholarship Course Standards

Nashman Community-Engaged Scholarship Courses achieve beneficial outcomes for community partners. These outcomes address structural community improvement (e.g. effective schools, economic development, social capital formation) and improve the quality of life in the community. Approaches to these outcomes may include: 

  • Direct service to community members who are underserved
  • Capacity building deliverables for individuals or organizations that provide a social good
  • Advocacy, education and public awareness-raising about social or environmental issues to influence practice, policy, research and other scholarly activity, or other behavior that would be a community benefit
  • The creation and/or synthesis of research findings to inform decision-making of community stakeholders/policy makers
  • The development of social capital and leverage of existing community assets
  • Innovative/entrepreneurial activities that engage the market sector to sustainably address a community concern

Standards of Practice

As engaged scholars, we believe that community engagement in higher education is not an "add-on" but a fundamental part of the knowledge enterprise. It is both the purpose of scholarship and the path to scholarship. In all initiatives, we are collectively committed to the following standards of practice, established by a Nashman Center faculty advisory committee in 2017 and grounded in the Campus Compact Principles of Good Practice. (Heffernan, 2001)

  • Initiatives address a real, community-identified need
  • Initiatives are scholarly activity
  • The campus-community partnership is a reciprocal relationship
  • Students and faculty are prepared for responsible engagement
  • Students and faculty engage in on-going reflection and meaning-making
  • Scholarship is disseminated for public benefit 

Course Designation

If you believe your course fits the definition of Community-Engaged Scholarship, click the link below to learn more about the process of applying for Nashman Community-Engaged Scholarship Course designation.