Community Development in Ecuador


Issue Area: Community Development

Location: Otavalo, Ecuador

About: On our cross-cultural service learning trip to Ecuador, we’ll be working with the Tandana Foundation, a non-profit organization that organizes projects based on the local community’s needs. Last year’s Ecuador trip helped paint a mural on the side of an elementary school in order to help increase literacy in the community. The group also taught English lessons to different grade levels. Although Tandana typically projects vary, we will be working on a similar issue meant to promote community development. While working in the highlands of Ecuador, we’ll also be experiencing multi-faceted aspects of the rich indigenous culture through hikes, cooking classes, and spending time with the community we’re serving alongside.

Participant Cost: $800

Fundraising Effort: High

Number of Participants: 10

Leaders: Nadia Syed and Anna LaRocco Masi

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