Disaster Relief in New Orleans


Issue Area:  Disaster Relief and Urban Restoration 

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

About: For the tenth consecutive year following Hurricane Katrina, 58 members of the GW community will travel to New Orleans to work on rebuilding homes in the areas of this southern city that continue to suffer from the disaster. Over Spring Break, NOLA participants will work with Habitat for Humanity to aid in the construction and repair of homes for low-income home-owners. Additionally, ASB NOLA participants will spend a day volunteering at a KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) school, helping students with their daily academics in this public charter school. Once each day of volunteering is completed, we will all have the opportunity to “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler” by exploring the unique Nawlins' culture at night in the French Quarter, by conducting meaningful reflections about our service and bonding as a group, and by concluding our trip with a visit to the famous Rock 'n' Bowl with live jazz bowling rink.

Participant Cost: $400

Fundraising Effort: Medium

Number of Participants: 45

Leaders: Sarah Birmingham, Amanda Byrne, Joe Joyce, and Katie O'Connell

Contact us at gwasbnola@gmail.com