Immigration and Border Rights in El Paso/ Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


Issue Areas: Immigration and Border Community Rights

Location: El Paso, Texas & Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

About: El Paso, Texas is part of a binational metropolitan area with significant shared heritage between the United States and Mexico. Through a week long border immersion program, our group will be learning first hand the intricacies of life in both El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, life on the U.S. / Mexico border, and the depth of U.S. immigration issues. We will be working with Cristo Rey, a local ministry, and connecting with community members, advocacy groups, and policy makers. The border immersion program includes meeting with members of the Cristo Rey community, experiencing Mexican and Mexican-American culture (and some really great food!), planning and facilitating activities for Cristo Rey’s After School Program, meeting with border patrol and much more!

Participant Cost: $600

Fundraising Effort: High

Number of Participants: 10

Leaders: Joie Kichton and Darcy Gallego

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