Amanda Etemad

Class of 2019
International Affairs
Northfield, New Jersey

Amanda is the Vice President of Membership for GW UNICEF and has volunteered as an engageDC leader to Young Playwright's Theater.  She also is a choreographer and dancer on GW Balance, a dance group on campus. Amanda likes to adventure around DC and find new music in her free time.

Amanda's Advice for CBC Participants: "Adventure outside of Foggy Bottom! DC has so much to offer, and a lot of it can be for free. Also, take time to learn about the different neighborhoods in DC, and find out how you can help."


Andrea Rosero 

Class of 2020
International Affairs
Vero Beach, Florida

Andrea is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority, and has served on the Cesar Chavez Committee. She also is involved with She's the First (GW) and was an engageDC leader. Andrea also won a grant from the Public Service Grant Commission to work on a series of workshops on acquiring citizenship through the Latino Student Fund. In her spare time Andrea likes to explore new places and try out new foods.

Andrea's Advice for CBC Participants: "Come in with an open mind and just try to take advantage of all the opportunities that GW can offer. There are so many wonderful things that D.C. offers everyone and while that may seem overwhelming, just take things one step at a time."

brianna pic.jpg

Brianna Abraham 

Class of 2020
Public Health

Baltimore, Maryland

Brianna is involved with GlobeMed, a student-organization on campus that promotes female empowerment in Kampala, Uganda. Brianna also works at Chick-Fil-A and as a Peer Adviser for the University Honors Program. Brianna likes to play trombone and participate in Classic Indian Dance.

Brianna's Advice to CBC Participants: "Come to CBC and college with an open mind and try new opportunities. Step out of your comfort zones because you will start to find new passions. Do what you love and you will do it well."

Dakota pic.jpg

Dakota Burnett 

Class of 2020
Criminal Justice
Cleveland, OH

Dakota works in the Nashman Center as a Program Assistant for Jumpstart. They are also a mentor for the Nashman Center's GW SummerTrek program this summer at the Boys & Girls Club, which helps middle schoolers to develop their own service learning project. Dakota is involved with the GW NAACP chapter, as well as the Association of Queer Women and Allies. 

Dakota's Advice to CBC Participants: "Get out in the community and connect with like minded individuals. DC is full opportunities!"

Daniela Harton 

Class of 2018
Human Services & Social Justice

Fort Collins, Colorado

Dani is the Panhellenic Association President and the Co-Director of the Organization of Latino American Students Alternative Break. This is Dani's 3rd time as a CBC Guide. In her spare time Dani likes to sing showtunes and talk to puppies.

Dani's Advice to CBC Participants: "Buy in! Try to get as much out of CBC as you can. It is an opportunity to gain knowledge about service in DC and at GW, meet awesome friends, and learn from the experiences of the guides. You'll get out as much as you put in, so my advice is to go all in!"

Danielle C.jpg

Danielle Ciaurro

Class of 2018
Human Services & Social Justice

Middletown, New Jersey

Danielle will be a Counselor for Camp Kesem, a camp for children of parents with cancer. Danielle is a Jumpstart Corps Member and Students Against Sexual Assault Peer Educator.  In her free time, Danielle likes to go midnight monumenting and make mac & cheese.

Danielle's Advice to CBC Participants: "Take advantage of all that GW has to offer. Between programs like CBC, all kinds of panels, student organization events, there's always something going on. It can be overwhelming but definitely cherish it and take it all in. You may find your best friend through a student org, or your major by going to a panel and hearing someone talk about their career."


Dylan Tally 

Class of 2019
Business & Economics

Germanton, North Carolina

Dylan was a member of Civic House as well as a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi, a coed business fraternity. Dylan will also be a Mentor in the Business School's First-Year Development Program. In his free time, Dylan enjoys exploring DC and social entrepreneurship. 

Dylan's Advice to CBC Participants: "Keep an open mind and be ready to learn a lot! Transitioning to college at GW and life in DC is scary, but the CBC program will help you get in touch with community engagement groups and some of your closest friends in college."

Emily Scheck

Class of 2018
International Affairs
Reading, Pennsylvania

Emily has been involved with SMARTDC since her freshman year, first as a tutor and for the past two years as a Team Leader for Turning the Page. Emily also spent her past semester studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. Emily enjoys yoga and trying new coffee shops in her spare time.

Emily's advice to CBC participants: "Take in and explore as much as you can, with CBC and your GW experience. Take the time to find places you like, people you like and most importantly the version of yourself that you like."

Emma Martens

Class of 2020
Human Services & Social Justice

Holland, Michigan

Emily is an active member of the GW College Democrats, and a volunteer for Turning the Page. Emma also is a member of Campus Outreach, a faith-based organization. In her free time Emma enjoys reading, singing, and traveling.

Emma's Advice to CBC Participants: "Explore everything D.C. has to offer! In other words, get out of Foggy Bottom."

Grace Wroblewski

Class of 2020
East Windsor, New Jersey

Grace is a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, the gender-inclusive community service fraternity on campus. Grace is a tutor and Team Leader for For Love of Children through SMARTDC. In her spare time she enjoys woodworking. 

Grace's Advice to CBC Participants: "Get to know the GW community and the greater DMV area because both have amazing opportunities for service, food, and other fun activities."

Hannah Humphrey

Class of 2020
Human Services & Social Justice

Syracuse, New York

Hannah is an active member of GW College Democrats and the Feminist Student Union. Hannah also has served as an Alternative Breaks participant, and regularly volunteers at Charlie's Place. In her free time Hannah likes going to the movies and exploring nature.

Hannah's Advice to CBC Participants: "CBC is a great way to meet really cool, like-minded people and to explore the different ways you can serve in DC. Be yourself and be open to new adventures! The next four years are going to be filled with awesome opportunities; go outside of your comfort zone!"

Janelle Kranz

Class of 2018
International Affairs and Economics

Middlesex, New Jersey

Janelle is a dancer for GW Balance and a Peer Adviser for the Elliot School. She is also a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Janelle enjoys learning about coffee and crafting in her free time.

Janelle's Advice to CBC Participants: "Be open to meeting new people, but remember to take time for yourself when you need it!"

Kate Stangel

Class of 2019
Speech & Hearing Sciences

Sherborn, Massachusetts

Kate is Vice President of Member Development of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. Kate also participates in GW Dance Marathon and is a founder of GW Hammocks. In her free time Kate enjoys hammocking and puzzles.

Kate's Advice to CBC Participants: "Don't compare your college experience to your friends from home's college experience. GW is very different from many other colleges out there. Also, your GPA isn't the only indicator of how well you are doing in college. There are many other aspects that determine your success in college."

Kato Bartlett

Class of 2020
Rochester, New York

Kato was a member of Civic House as well as a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, the gender-inclusive community service fraternity. Kato is also involved with Allied in Pride and the Association of Queer Women & Allies. In her free time Kato enjoys reading and watching Netflix.

Kato's Advice to CBC Participants: "Have fun, make friends, and think about community service at GW and how what you are learning now can be applied throughout your school year"

Lane Fisher

Class of 2020
International Affairs
Lincoln, Nebraska

Lane is an active member of GW College Democrats, and a participant in French Club. Lane also is an engageDC participant to U.S. Dream Academy. Lane enjoys writing, hiking, and activism in her free time.

Lane's Advice to CBC Participants: "Try to get to know the people around you, and don't try to be perfect because no one is and you will waste a lot of valuable time and mental health trying to compete with other not-perfect people. ALSO, take it all day by day and enjoy the in-between moments."

Malcolm Badger

Class of 2020
International Affairs

Jackson, New Hampshire

Malcolm is a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, the gender-inclusive community service fraternity, as well as a Student Tour Guide Admissions Representative (STAR) for Admissions. In his free time, he enjoys going to the Jefferson Memorial, listening to music, and watching soccer.

Malcolm's Advice to CBC Participants: "The best way to make friends at GW is to join a student organization, because it's so easy to become close with people who share the same interests and passion as you! I also encourage you to be confident in yourself, because everyone has a value and a place in this world, and the more open and honest with yourself you can be, the easier it will be to find your place. Everything happens for a reason, so don't ever give up on yourself."


Michaela Altland

Class of 2019
Mechanical Engineering

Middletown, New Jersey

Michaela acts as the Vice President of Engineers Without Borders, is a member of the Society of Women Engineers, and is a sister of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority. In her free time she enjoys running around DC and eating Captain Cookie.

Michaela's Advice to CBC Participants: "Come into GW with an open mind and be excited! There are so many great opportunities and experiences you will soon have. And definitely don't be afraid to try new things!"

Natalie Lalama

Class of 2020
Political Science

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

Natalie was a member of Civic House, as well as the Mock Trial Co-Captain. She also dances with GW Balance, and is a member of Students Against Sexual Assault. In her free time, she enjoys reading, especially reading poetry.

Natalie's Advice to CBC Participants: "Use this opportunity to branch out and meet new people! Moving to college can definitely be scary, but don't be afraid to put yourself out there and get to know the amazing people involved in CBC!"

Stephanie Haddad

Class of 2019
Public Health

Bloomington, Indiana

Stephanie is the Panhellenic Delegate for the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and the Vice President of the Multicultural Association for Pre-Health Students. She also dances with GW Balance. In her free time Stephanie enjoys going to concerts, hiking, and napping.

Stephanie's Advice to CBC Participants: "Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, don't be afraid to ask questions, and be yourself!"

Stephanie Obi

Class of 2020

Laurel, Maryland

Stephanie is involved with GW MEDLIFE, an organization devoted to getting students involved in volunteering abroad. Stephanie is involved with Salvation and Praise, a faith-based organization. In her free time Stephanie enjoys singing and playing volleyball.

Stephanie''s Advice for CBC Participants: "Always be open minded about all the different opportunities around you. And also remember that community service is not just about volunteering but most importantly it's about being socially aware of the community you are involved in!"