Native American Cultural Issues in Cherokee Nation


Issue Area: Native American Cultural Issues and Education

Location: Tahlequah, Oklahoma

About: Cherokee Nation has endured countless hardships, yet maintains a strong sense of community and continues to work tirelessly for a better future. On our trip to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, we will volunteer at the Cherokee Nation Head Start program, which provides educational services to children ages 1 to 5 from low-income families. The program eases the transition from preschool and prepares the children to succeed in elementary school. This particular Head Start program incorporates the Cherokee culture and language into the daily classroom routine in order to help pass the Cherokee culture on to future generations. Our participants will also be immersed in the Cherokee culture by visiting museums about Cherokee history, taking part in cultural activities (like playing stickball and eating fry bread and some good Southern barbecue!), and learning from the Cherokee people themselves about their way of life, language, and community within the Nation.

Participant Cost: $400

Fundraising Effort: Medium

Number of Participants: 10

Leaders: Tanmai Vemulapalliand Annabelle Pham

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