Student Guide to Community-Engaged Scholarship Courses

Students meet with the Executive Director of Centronia, an organization they are learning to write a grant for in  HSSJ 3110: Nonprofit and organization administration

A Nashman Community-Engaged Scholarship Course is a collaboration between faculty and student scholars and community members in mutually beneficial partnerships to address issues of the common good. Working with the community through this course will help make your learning more relevant and will challenge you to use your knowledge and skills to address real, complex, community concerns.

Community-engagement will address the learning goals of the course, and will also invite you to reflect on your own civic responsibility and sense of purpose in the world. 

Please see the links below for helpful forms, tips and advice. The Waiver and Release Agreement form must be submitted to your course instructor prior to your community engagement. If you will be taking photographs of other volunteers or people at your service site, please get permission using the Photo Release Form. 

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