The Symposium on Community-Engaged Scholarship

At the end of each semester, the Nashman Center hosts the Symposium on Community-Engaged Scholarship. This event invites students, faculty, and community partners to share their experiences, disseminate findings, and learn about many other campus/community initiatives. 

Many faculty incorporate Symposium participation into their course design, particularly those who assign Showcase or Panel Presentations as graded work. Please contact Wendy Wagner, for more information.

Please RSVP to attend via this link.

Information for Symposium presenters is available here.


Spring 2018 Symposium:

Tuesday May 1, Noon-3:45pm, Marvin Center third floor

11:30-12pm Check-in (Grand Ballroom)

12:00pm Nashman Award Winners and Community Partner Panel

Lunch speaker panel, "My Path to Service"

  • Lauren Rice, Programs Director, Latino Student Fund
  • Maurice Cook, Founder/Executive Director, Serve Your City

Questions moderated by Amy Cohen, Executive Director of the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service

1:30pm Community-Engaged Scholarship Showcase/Dessert

During the Showcase Session, Symposium attendees are invited to explore multiple rooms of poster presentations, digital posters, art, engineering projects, and other displays representing the community impact and student learning from community-engaged scholarship. For a list of Showcase Session presentations, please see below.

2:30pm Breakout Sessions: Panel Presentations/Discussions

Addressing Gender-Related Issues in our Community (Room 301)

Talking about Inequity in Mass Incarceration: Lessons Learned from Service (Room 302)

Moderator: Dr. Phyllis Ryder, Associate Professor of Writing and Director of the Writing Center

Caitlin Hartman, Joshua Beacher, Julianna Ridgway, & Afnan Ali, students from Professor Phyllis Ryder's University Writing course and will discuss how their experiences working with DC Central Kitchen, US Dream Academy, and Free Minds impacted their academic research about prisons and violence. 

Research Partnerships with DC Public Schools (Room 307)

Moderator: Morgan T Bowers, Senior Program Associate for Co-curricular Service, Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service

  • Educating Future Food Waste Warriors, Chloe King, 2018 Knapp Fellow for Entrepreneurial Service-Learning
  • Seek First to Understand: Exploring the Implementation of Culturally Relevant Education in the District of Columbia, Victoria Rowe, Recipient of the 2017 Julian Clement Chase Prize
  • The Role of Cultural Competency in the Development of mHealth Technology to Address Childhood Obesity Amongst Female African-American Adolescents, Kritica Joshi, graduate student in Prevention and Community Health
  • School-Based Mental Health Services in District of Columbia Public Schools, Amie Idriss, HSSJ 4133, Professor Amy Fortney-Parks

Community-Based Scholarship in Action (Room 309)

Moderator: Wendy Wagner, Senior Program Associate for Community-Engaged Scholarship, Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service

  • Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Enhancing Employment Opportunities through Exploring Agriculture-Based Job-Training and Employment, Katherine Hurley, First Place Winner of the Nashman Prize for Community-Based Participatory Research
  • Leveraging Your Intellectual Capital for Social Change, Dylan Tally, School of Business, Founder of Community Engagement Consulting
  • Politics of Place in DC History, Austin Behel, Abhimanyu Janamanchi, Alejandra Paredes, Natalie Prieb, and Alec Rubman, HIST 2020W, Professor Christopher Klemek
  • Groups & Institutions in 19th Century DC, Emily Tvedt, Behel, Carley Christerson, Gavin Derleth, Christian Robles, and Tyhesia Simpson-Van Beek, HIST 2020W, Professor Christopher Klemek

Social Innovation at GW (Room 310)

Moderator: Rachel Talbert, Graduate Coordinator, Community-Engaged Scholarship, Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service

  • The Ethics of Innovation, Jonathan Butler and Maria Quinonez-Sanchez, GW Upstart
    • GW's 2018 New Venture Competition Winners, Andrea Armas Lanas, Sahil Pankhaniya, Allen Wang and Christian Trummer 

Many Pathways to Community Impact (Room 311) 

Discussion Facilitators: Colleen Packard, Graduate Coordinator of the Civic House Scholars Program, and Scholars from Civic House

Providing services directly to members of the public is only one approach to making positive change in our communities. In this session, students will be introduced to the Pathways Model and will reflect on the potential of each pathway for leveraging the most positive change on the issues they care about. Participants will consider their own strengths, knowledge, and experience and whether gaining experience in different pathways might open up new roles for them.

Operación Impacto (Room 407)

Discussion Facilitator: Dolores Perillan, Instructor, Spanish Literature and Director of Operación Impacto

Students engaged through coursework in Spanish 3040 and through Operación Impacto and Chávez Huerta 2018 will present their work, vision and experiences. While all are welcome to attend, this session will be conducted in Spanish.  


Symp Lunch Panel copy.jpg


Showcase Session Presentations

Room 307: 

  • Ben Greenberger - Race to the Bottom: How Elementary Education Impacts Students' Views on Race

  • Nicolina Albano - Using Soccer to Create Social Change

  • Iman Khatib - Crossing a Cultural Divide: A Visual Journey of A Refugee

  • Lena Enciso Feldman, Sally Bayat, Diamond/Dakota Burnett, Nalany Arana, Kate Brooke- Davidson -  Social Isolation in Immigrants and ESL Seniors in Ward 1

  • Dawn-Marie Sullivan, Rachel Sims, Ryan Donovan, Caroline Fabricius - Seniors in Ward 2

  • Ciera Rawson, Selene Ramer, Rachel Katz - Seniors, Social Isolation, and Emotional Well-being in Ward 4

  • Kiana Lee, Alessandra Brolin, Katie Loos, Daniel Di Camillo - Accessibility and Social Isolation for Seniors in Ward 5

  • Gabriella Herrera, Isabel Sperry, Isabelle Bonke, Charlotte Chandler - Seniors, Social Inclusion, and Capitalism Ward 6

  • Zaniya Lewis, IIana Singer, Asia Jones , Morgan T  , Savannah O - Ward 7 Presentation

  • Adriana Tapia & Allie Donahue - Ward 8

  • Ghada Khan - Understanding the Health Care Needs of Women who Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation

  • Nisani Lopez - Food Waste and its Repercussions

  • Lauren Danielowski - EcoBricks and Sustainable Development Practices in Costa Rica

  • Ashley Hidalgo, Allie Donahue, Sabrina Hart-Meyer - Assessing our Community Impact on Borromeo Housing Inc.

  • Jocelyn Lobos and Ashley Hidalgo - Edu-Futuro

Room 308:

  • Emily Corrado - A Circle of Change

  • Isa Orr-Tokle - Public Health in DC, 1890-1910

  • Evan Holmes - Sacrifices for Greatness

  • Joe Soffer - Penal Labor in the US Prison System

  • Nayla Mamlouk - Picture Perfect

  • Elijah Rivera - DC History Through the Lens of Sewage

  • Caitlin Concannon - Foggy Bottom Riverfront

  • Aidan Cage - Burning of the Capital

  • Jack Borowiak - Beautification of Washington Takes Priority

  • Eli Kukla-Manning - Federal Neglect of DC

  • Gina Ramirez - First Public Display of American Culture

  • Jing Chen - Tourism and Gentrification at Thomas Circle

  • Airi Hakamada - Significance of 'America's Main Street' Then and Now

  • Nicole Miller - The White House and Presidential Power

  • Angeline Logan - The Legacy of Andrew Ellicott

  • Julia Resnik and Amanda Menas - TEDx Foggy Bottom

  • Christian Rubio, Sajeda Kabbani, Mavis Osei - Reading Partners

  • Helen Palatianos - Little Friends for Peace

Room 310:

  • Nzinga Dixon, Michael Sweeney, Caroline Kriegstein - Effects of Service Learning in the Community at Large

  • Michael Ferrier, Alexa Yates, Annie Feiler - Public Perception on Civic Engagement

  • Meredith Prescott, Gabby Battino - Alternative Breaks DC and LA

  • Isha Vazirani -GW Alternative Breaks: Sexual Health and Domestic Violence in Washington, DC

  • Sandy Hoar - Using a geographic information system as a public health tool to uncover inequities hidden in aggregated data

  • Amie Idriss - School-Based Mental Health Services in District of Columbia Public Schools

  • Paige Boite, Konstantin Mitic, Tania Singh, Trisha Talapatra, Sarah Sopher - Redesigned Patient Transfer Devices to Aide in Rehabilitation and with Hip Precautions

  • Taryn Faherty; Liz Matsiyevskiy - Off-Road Wheelchair

  • Katherine Hurley - Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Enhancing Employment Opportunities through Exploring Agriculture-Based Job-Training and Employment

  • Kritica Joshi - The Role of Cultural Competency in the Development of mHealth Technology to Address Childhood Obesity Amongst Female African-American Adolescents

  • Kyle Costenbader, Tianna Sheih, Dr. Edward Neil Jr. - Piloting an Enhanced VHT Trial

  • Jessica Flagg, Ryan Loftus, Caroline Young - Earth Hour

  • Megan Testen, Marisa Ragland, Sophie Van Riet - Clothing Drive with Martha’s Table

  • Davhi Cohen, Charlotte Fletcher, Nina Rosenaw - Sandy Hook Promise

  • McKenzie Swain, Julia Crooks, Lachonette Schjang - Kidpower and GW UNICEF

  • Cassidy Chait, Nicole Cennamo, Sara Fogarty - Why Courts Matter

  • Ryan Donovan, Issac Epstein, Elizabeth Chun - Art for Thought

  • Liz Matsiyevskiy, Taryn Faherty, Tomas Prudencio, and Esteban Ruiz - Prototype Wheelchair Using Materials and Parts That are readily available in the developing world

  • Daniela Harton, Lauren Waldenburg, Elisabeth Chun - College to Congress

Room 311:

  • Mateo Camacho - Learning at Miriam's Kitchen

  • Mollie Hirscheimer - Adapting to Others:  The Way We communicate in Service Learning

  • Irma Soriano-Diaz - Interpersonal Communication

  • Ava Jacobsen, Lauren Perez, Brooke Witheford - Interpersonal Communication

  • Kaiyuan Yin - Service at St. Mary's Court

  • Samay Shah and Kardas, Bugra - Miriam's Kitchen

  • Stephanie Obi and Gabriella Quintanilla - Other-Oriented Through Service-Learning

  • Nzinga Dixon, Michael Sweeney, and Caroline Kriegstein - Effects Of Developing Interpersonal Relations Through Service-Learning

  • Afra Alhathal, Alec D' Angelo and Erica Robertson - The Interaction Model Of Communications As It Applies To Service-Learning

  • Elijah M. Rivera, Charlotte Lothioir, and Ved Rajeev Chandrasekhar - Barriers in Communication: Maneuvering communicative obstacles in a hectic volunteers Environment

  • Jasmine Kamole and Jack Kerwin - Nonverbal Communication And Interaction With Different Populations

  • Brennan Beavers, Allison Davis, Marianne Khattar and Millie Cohen - How nonverbal displays influence interactions with guests at Miriam’s Kitchen

  • Sarah Marin - Dovetail DC

  • Joseph Spillane - Color Blindness in the Capital

  • Tanya Thomas, Ashley Atilano - Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano

  • Latia Lewis, Rachel Compton, McKenzie Connors - Class Action

  • Adam Graubart, Jennifer Pacicco, Nadia Syed - One DC


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