The Symposium on Community-Engaged Scholarship

At the end of each semester, the Nashman Center hosts the Symposium on Community-Engaged Scholarship. This event invites students, faculty, and community partners to share their experiences, disseminate findings, and learn about many other campus/community initiatives. 

Many faculty incorporate Symposium participation into their course design, particularly those who assign Showcase or Panel Presentations as graded work. All Students and faculty are encouraged to attend, even if they are not presenting as a class or individually, to learn about and support community engaged scholarship at GW Please contact Wendy Wagner, for more information.

All Presenters and Attendees RSVP to attend via this link.

Information for Symposium presenters is available here.


Fall 2018 Symposium:

Friday December 7th, Noon - 3:30 pm, Marvin Center, 3rd floor

11:30-12 pm Check-in (Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor)

12:00 pm Lunch and Keynote Speaker

Introductory Talk: “Art as Social Action” by Dr. Leslie Jacobson, Professor of Theatre 

Dr. Jacobson has over 40 years of experience producing, writing, directing, and teaching theatre committed to addressing societal challenges and to giving voice to people often marginalized by the dominant culture.  

Theatrical Presentation by GW students enrolled in TRDA 3131W: Theatre of Social Change

1:30-2:15 Showcase Presentations (Rooms 308, 307, 302, 309, 310, 301)

Courses Presenting 

  • COMM 1041: Interpersonal Communication (Instr: Abbie Weiner) 

  • HSCI 2110: Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (Instr: Maranda Ward) 

  • HSSJ 1100: Introduction to Human Services and Social Justice (Instr: Wendy Wagner) 

  • HSSJ 3100W: Program Planning and Evaluation (Instr: Michelle Kelso) 

  • HSSJ 4198: Citizen Leadership, Civic House Scholars Program (Instr: Wendy Wagner) 

  • SMPA 2113: Digital Media II: Introduction to Web Production and Social Media (Instr: Imani Cheers)

2:30-3:30 Panel Discussions

During these Break-out Sessions, Symposium participants are invited to join one of the following theme-based conversations.

“Aging is a Thing We are All Doing”: Service and Research Intersect to Address Aging in DC

Marvin Center, Room 307

Discussion Facilitator: Dr. Emily Morrison, Assistant Professor and Director of the Human Services and Social Justice program


  • Students selected from HSSJ 3152

  • Students selected from HSSJ 1100 

Learn about the multitude of issues that intersect with the experience of senior citizens in DC and several student projects aimed at understanding and addressing those issues.  

East of the River: Inequity in DC

Marvin Center, Room 302

Discussion Facilitator: Dr. Maranda Ward, Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Research and Leadership, School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Students, community leaders, and faculty will discuss the data on inequity in DC (health, education, job opportunities, and more) and the impact of inequity for DC residents. What is GW’s potential as a partner for social change? 

The Sustainability Forum

Marvin Center, Room 309

 Discussion Facilitator: Dr. Tara Scully, Assistant Professor of Biology and Director of GW’s Sustainability Minor

 Students, community leaders, and faculty will discuss their community-engagement initiatives, experiences and scholarship with respect to sustainability. Sustainability encompasses the triple bottom line of ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable practices. What are the challenges involved in, “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?” (United Nations Brundtland Commission, 1987).

Art as Social Action

Marvin Center, Room 301

Discussion Facilitator: TDB

Panelists: TBD

Learn how GW students are leveraging creative scholarly work to advocate for social change in DC and beyond. Follow-up discussion will invite all session attendees to share their experiences and consider the challenges and responsibilities in this work. 

Operación Impacto  

Marvin Center, Room 308 

Discussion Facilitator: Dolores Perillán, Instructor, Spanish Literature and Director of Operación Impacto 

Students engaged through coursework in Spanish 3040, Operación Impacto, and Chávez Huerta 2019 will reflect on their work, vision and experiences. While all are welcome to attend, this session will be conducted in Spanish. 

What does MMIW mean? A dialogue about Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women 

Marvin Center, Room 310

Discussion Facilitator: Benton-Short, Cheers, GWI possibilities


  • Gillian Joseph, GW Student, Knapp Fellowship Winner 2018-2019 

  • Elizabeth Rule, Assistant Director, GWU Center for Indigenous Politics and Policy

Learn about the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women and one GW student’s efforts to address it. Gillian Joseph is one of the current recipients of the Knapp Fellowship for Entrepreneurial Service-Learning. Dr. Elizabeth Rule is her advisor on this initiative. 

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