New Research: Faculty Perspectives on Sustaining Service-Learning

The Center is currently examining the scholarship related to the experience of service-learning faculty.  One piece worth highlighting here is:

Cooper, J. R. (2014). Ten Years in the Trenches: Faculty Perspectives on Sustaining Service-Learning. Journal of Experiential Education37(4), 415–428.

Click here for the article itself.  (Note: you may need to be logged in to the GW Library to navigate this link).

This is a qualitative study of service-learning faculty from a variety of disciplinary fields. It examined four themes: why do faculty choose service-learning as a pedagogy; what is their perception of the impact that engagement had on their tenure and promotion process; what have been the rewards and challenges of their experience; and what sustains them in their service-learning work.

As a Center it is our mission to provide ongoing support to service-learning faculty, and to build a community of faculty who can support each other and advocate for ourselves. It is important to ask how we would respond to these questions and what these findings imply about our next steps at GW.