Winter 2015 Issue of Diversity and Democracy: Publicly Engaged Scholarship and Teaching

Huzzah! The entire Winter 2015 issue of Diversity and Democracy is on Publicly Engaged Scholarship and Teaching. This quarterly publication is from the Association of American Colleges & Universities. We encourage you to jump in and enjoy it for yourself.  Click here to link to the full issue.

A few highlights:

  • Consider our next steps as a community of engaged faculty at GW:  Creating an Academic Culture that Supports Community-Engaged Scholarship. 
  • Critically examine your own practice in engaging ethically with the community:  Why, Who, and How? Strategies for Preventing Paternalism and Promoting Equal Engagement
  • Envision GW at the forefront of this movement: Looking Ahead: Envisioning the Next Generation of Civic Work

We are looking forward to more GW conversations about this issue.