What are your Favorite Assigned Readings?

This time of year, the service-learning listserves and blogs are active with new book and article recommendations. We would like to strike up this conversation at a campus-level, and invite you to share your favorite assigned readings.

As a field that crosses all disciplines, we are always discovering new literature and frameworks that help students more fully understand important issues related to (for example):

  • ethical community engagement;
  • social inequality;
  • the role of citizens in a democracy;
  • approaches community engagement (direct service, advocacy, issue research, politics and voting, etc.) and how each leverages social change differently;
  • applications of discipline-specific knowledge and skills to one’s civic as well as professional roles;
  • how general education goals such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication emerge uniquely as one works in diverse groups toward shared goals

Please use the “comments” space below to share your favorite assigned readings (author, title). The Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service will gather and share these resources to the GW service-learning community on Blackboard.