Fall 2017 Symposium on Community-Engaged Scholarship

Community-Engaged Scholarship 2017 Symposium Schedule

All events take place on Floor 3 of the Marvin Center on Friday December 8, 2017


9:30-10:15 a.m.

Breakfast in the Grand Ballroom

The Scholarship of Community Engagement with DC Public Schools

Learn about the work that GW VISTAs are undertaking with DC Public Schools and some of the challenges around mentoring, food insecurity, technology, immigration and racial justice that DCPS students encounter as the negotiate their educational progress.

Presenters (School-Community Liaisons):

  • Carissa Marks - Drew Elementary

  • Catalina Carbonell - Whittier Education Campus

  • Fabiola Ramirez - Eliot-Hine Middle School

  • Kia Johnson - Turner Elementary

  • Marquis Johnson - Malcolm X Elementary

  • Sharai Bryan - Smothers Elementary

  • TJ Sullivan - West Education Campus

10:30-11:45 a.m.

Morning Sessions

Session 1: Direct Service as a Pathway to Engaged Citizenship

Learn about how direct service can serve as a pathway to engaged citizenship from students who have completed service projects in classes this year at GW. We will discuss the possibilities and limitations of this approach with panelists.

Moderator: Amy Cohen, Director of the Nashman Center


  • Ambika Mittal (Research on Determining Destiny)

  • Ashley Hildago & Arshia Lokhandwala (Examining Representation in Service Sites)

  • Melinda Avery & Hannah Kimberly (Community Partner Relationships: Working with Medstar National Adaptive Cycling Program)

  • Elena Werth (Examining Experiences at Little Friends for Peace)

Session 2: Social Entrepreneurship and Community-Engaged Scholarship

Moderator: Scott Stein (Associate Director, Social Entrepreneurship Programs)


  • Chloe King, Knapp Fellow: Food Waste Warriors: Educating Students About How Food Waste Impacts our Communities, Wildlife, and World

  • Gayatri Malhotra, Knapp Fellow: Girl Rising Gender Equality Project

We will be discussing and handing out information about the Knapp Fellowship in this session. The 2018 applications are due on January 12 - please join us for this session if you are interested in applying!

Session 3: Civic House Proposals for GW Engagement

Learn about work that students in the Civic House program are proposing, featuring new GW partnerships to address issues such as food insecurity in DC, LGBTQ+ civil rights, urban gardening, and homelessness.

Moderator: Colleen Packard, Graduate Coordinator of Civic House

Panelists: Civic House Students

12:00-1:15 p.m. 

Lunch and Panel of DC Community Leaders

Moderator: Charity Edelman,  Supervisor, GW/DCPS AmeriCorps VISTA Program


  • Charity Eddleman, Supervisor | GW/DCPS AmeriCorps VISTA Program

  • Laura Newland, Executive Director of the DC Office on Aging

  • One DC

Lunch is free but you must RSVP at this link: http://evite.me/Gxv4dt8uKN

1:30-2:45 p.m.

Session 1: Community Scholarship and Engagement in STEM

Moderator: Dr. Tara Scully (GW Biology Department)


  • Konstantin Mitic & Tania Singh (Community Engaged STEM to Solve Mobility Problems)

  • Soemi Photavath, Rebecca Blacker & Melissa Abrams (Community Engagement as a STEM Teacher with GWTeach)

Session 2: Operación Impacto - Daring to Step Up in Our Commitment to Civic Values and Civic Action

Students engaged through coursework in Spanish 3040 and through Operación Impacto and Chávez~Huerta 2018 will present their work, vision and experiences. The Campaigning for Change award will be introduced as part of a call to action during this session.  While all are welcome to attend, this session will be conducted in Spanish.

Moderator: Dolores Perillan (Operación Impacto & Professor GWU Spanish Program)

Panelists: Spanish 3040 Students

Session 3: Senior Well-being in DC - Recommendations from Research

Moderator: Emily Morrison, Program Director of Human Service and Social Justice

Presenters: Students in the Human Services and Social Justice program present findings and recommendations from their research study on Senior Wellbeing to staff from the DC Office on Aging.

Session 4: Eco Equity Challenge Workshop (1:30-3:30 p.m)

Moderators: Jonathan Butler and Kimberly Williams (GW Upstart Nashman Center)

The Eco Equity Challenge provides students with funding to implement a project that brings together sustainability and social justice to make a real impact in communities in the District.  Join this workshop to explore the concept of environmental justice and begin to develop your own idea for a project with the guidance of our staff.  Applications for the Eco Equity Challenge are accepted through February 16, 2018.

3:00-4:00 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom

Community-Engaged Scholarship Poster Presentation + Dessert Reception

Please join us to learn about multiple ways that students are practicing community engaged scholarship in their academic careers at GWU by visiting student poster presentations:

  • Service Inequalities: Is Representation a Focus in Enrichment programs? By Ashley Hildago & Arshia Lokhandwala

  • Opportunity Gaps: By Sara Smith, Randy Alsabe, Helen Solomon, Emilio Luna, Erik Calvo

  • St. Mary's Court: By Daphne Sellin, Sophia Gaines, Angela Marino, and Anar Parmar

  • Communication and Challenges at St. Mary's Court: By Skyla Davis, Aaron Gong, Alexis Blickman

  • Martha's Table: By Arabella Riley, Lucy Lennon, Mehr Rai, Stephanie Curley

  • Martha’s Table: By Phillip Young & Ziwei Yang

  • Communication with Kids: By Kayla Larmore, Bailey Hoglin, Lauren Anderson 

  • Program Evaluation: Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop: By Laura Taylor, Zoerina Ledwidge, Olivia Murphy 

  • Program Evaluation: City Gate: By Rachel Compton, Anna Coughlan, Amanda Menas

  • Program Evaluation: Bread for the City: By Nadia Syed, Adam Graubart, Jenn Pacicco

  • Program Evaluation: HSSJ: By Kyrah Altman, Olivia Idris, McKenzie Connors, Nkechi Okoronkwo

  • Program Evaluation: City Dogs Rescue and City Kitties: By Gabi Stadler, Rebecca Haber, Wynn Hullis

  • Program Evaluation: Little Friends for Peace: By Valentina Barrera Vasco, Tracey Katz, Helen Palatianos

  • Listo Program Evaluation: Latino Student Fund: By Ilana Creinin, Angel Rutter, Dani Harton

  • Interpersonal Communication in Professional Settings: Setbacks and Successes: By Liz Yount and Sena Ahn

  • Eating Smart For You and Your Family: A Mother's Guide: By Darci Byington 

  • An Inside Look: How Type II Diabetes Affects the Homeless Population: By Claudia Penido

  • Tackling Childhood Obesity with After School All-Stars: By Victoria Skrivanos

  • Improving First-Year Nutrition at GW: By Maya Blair

  • So Others Might Eat: By Meredith Duffy Ignacio Rivera Austen Steinberg

  • Miriam’s Kitchen: By Kato Bartlett, Nana Adwoa Ose-bonsu

  • Obesity in Children with Autism: By Aminah Farmer