Publication Release: International Undergraduate Journal for Service-learning, Leadership and Social Change

Governors State University just published the International Undergraduate Journal for Service Learning, Leadership, and Social Change. The journal offers articles written by undergraduates that discuss development and impact of service-learning projects, case studies of established service-learning projects, and reflections on service-learning. See the journal here. Encourage your students to apply for the next round of entries using the specifications below:

The Journal is dedicated to providing undergraduate students a venue to discuss their service-learning projects and experiences.  The Journal considers three types of articles:

            1) Articles that discuss the development of a service-learning project and the impact of the project on the community served;

            2) A case study of a service-learning project;

            3) A reflection on service-learning and the development of personal leadership.

Each article will be reviewed by selected readers and the member of the editorial board.  Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced, excluding block quotations which should be typed single-spaced, and references.  To ensure anonymity, author’s names and affiliation should appear on a separate cover page.  Articles should not exceed 15 pages.  Authors should follow APA format.

The Journal accepts Book Reviews on service-learning and social change.  Book reviews should not exceed 2 pages and include Book Title, Author, and Publisher.

Submissions should be sent in Word format.  DO NOT HAVE HEADERS OR PAGE NUMBERING.

Submit by e-mail to:

Ned Scott Laff