Spring 2017 Service-Learning Symposium a Great Success

Each semester the Academic Service-Learning Symposium offers faculty and students the opportunity to reflect on the variety of ways we have engaged with our community partners and consider how to deepen those partnerships in the coming years. This year about 175 students and faculty participated throughout the day. A few examples of Symposium session conversations included:

  • The broad impacts of mass incarceration on many members of the DC community and the role of GW-DC Partnerships - a conversation sparked by rhetorical analysis by students in Phyllis Ryder’s UW1010 course.

  • The unique rewards and challenges of community-based participatory research - following presentations by Sara Policastro and Charleene Smith, recipients of the Nashman Research Prize.

  • The civic contributions of historians in preserving and telling the stories of DC’s citizens - including the presentation of the Community Heritage Trail signs created by Christopher Klemek’s HIST 2020W students.

It was a thoughtful day. We invite you to join us for next year’s Symposia: December 8, 2017 and May 1, 2018. Contact Wendy Wagner for info: wagnerw@gwu.edu.