Encourage Undergraduate Students to Participate in GW Survey Study

GW is participating in the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL), a research study that provides important insights on the leadership development, civic engagement, and involvement experiences of college students. We are excited to start analyzing this data and share findings with you. If you or your graduate students are interested in utilizing this data to study issues related to the college student experience, particularly the predictors of leadership development, civic responsibility, wellbeing, social perspective taking, or a number of other constructs, please contact Wendy Wagner (wagnerw@gwu.edu).   Click here for more information about the international study.

In order to have good data to work with, we need a good response rate. Please encourage your students to participate in the study!  Students have already been selected at random and sent an email with a link to the survey. Please mention the study in class, by email or Blackboard post and encourage students to check their email to see if they were selected.

Only this morning, one of my own students emailed to let me know that she enjoyed the survey and the reflection it has sparked on her years at GW and her priorities moving forward. Students who participate will also be entered into a random chance to win one (1) $200 Visa gift card, two (2) $100 Visa gift cards, one (1) $100 Southwest Airlines voucher, four (4) $50 GW Bookstore gift cards, and two (2) $25 Starbucks gift cards, as well as two gift cards of $500 each, 10 gift cards of $250 each, and 15 gift cards of $100 each.