Community-Engaged Teaching Presented at GW Teaching Day

GW Teaching Day was last Thursday, Sept 27th and included a set of poster presentations in a “community-engaged teaching” strand.

  •  Erin Wentzell (Physical Therapy) presented, “Go Outside” about her partnership with the National Parks Service and the students in her PT8481 course. 

  • David Lee (Biomedical Engineering) and Erin Wentzell presented on their collaboration across courses, with physical therapy students working with the biomedical engineering capstone course to develop solutions to address rehabilitation needs of community members.

  • A team of colleagues from Physician Assistant Studies and Clinical Research and Leadership (Paige McDonald, Howard Straker, Gregory Weaver, Jacqueline Barnett, Debra Herrmann,and Karen Schlumpf) presented, “Connecting the Classroom, Clinicians and Community Clinics for Active Learning.”

  • Tawnya Azar (University Writing) presented on teaching students to create digital content for public dissemination of their work.

  • Wendy Wagner and Colleen Packard presented their study of the civic leadership student learning outcomes of the Civic House Scholars program and related HSSJ 4198 course.

Great work to all involved.