Opportunity for Faculty & Undergrads to Present at 2018 Engaged Scholarship & Social Justice Conference

Faculty this is a great opportunity to share with your undergraduate students and for you as well! Friday, April 6th and Saturday April 7th at Harvard. The 2018 Engaged Scholarship for Social Justice Conference will feature a panel of scholars whose research can serve as exemplars of engaged scholarship (not research on service learning and community engagement) in different disciplines. A discussion on engaged scholarship in the academy will be facilitated by Professor Elizabeth Hinton.  The goal is to demonstrate how scholars from different disciplines present engaged or public scholarship.

Information for you and your students is at the link www.essjconference.fas.harvard.edu

The panel will promote engaged scholarship on campuses while also encouraging young scholars who are interested in issues of equity to explore careers in research.  The Friday panel in particular is one way to demonstrate to young scholars that the academy is making space for engaged scholarship, and how different fields and disciplines are involved in public scholarship