What is Cesar Chavez Dolores Huerta Day? How can faculty contribute?

The Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta Day 2018 is just a few days away! Learn more about who Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta are, the different volunteer opportunities, and events on campus, that is leading up to March 30’s CCGW Day of Celebration at The George Washington University.

Who is Cesar Chavez? Cesar Chavez was an American labor leader and civil rights activists who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association in 1962. They are best known for their efforts in gaining better working conditions for thousands of agricultural workers who labored on farms for low wages and under severe conditions. Thus, Chavez’s efforts in changing the narrative, through non-violent marches, strikes and boycotts, led to the first legislation enacting the Bill of Rights for agricultural workers. For his commitment to social justice, Chavez was recognized with the highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for his lifelong dedication to better the lives of others.

The Cesar Chavez - Dolores Huerta day is an annual celebration and call to action at The George Washington University. Supported and encouraged by the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences Spanish Program and The Honey W. Nashman Center, their aim is to bring awareness of who Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta are and their commitment towards social justice. Through this, they are determined in continue to share the values that Chávez lived by and Huerta continuously embraces in her activism today.

What are Cesar Chavez’s core values?*

  1. Acceptance of all People
  2. Celebrating Community
  3. Respect for Life and the Environment
  4. Non-violence
  5. Innovation
  6. A Preference in helping the Most Needy
  7. Knowledge
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Service to Others
  10. Determination

Faculty can assist by promoting CCDHGW Day opportunities to students, begin discussion narratives relating to social justice, and/or attend/volunteer at CCDHGW Day 2018.

Schedule and more information below:

The Honey W. Nashman Center is once again partnering with CCGW and the Campaign for Change Grant Competition in order to get more students involved in all forms of community engagement, including service and activism. The CCGW dares you to do more by joining them them in their upcoming events to learn more and get involved.

  • Tuesday, March 27: II RGSL Photography Contest[a]
  • Deadline 3pm
  • Thursday, March 29th: Eduardo Chávez’s screening of Hailing Cesar, a film honoring his grandfather[b]
  • 6:00pm Marvin Center 309