Tracking Community Impact with GW Serves on Give Pulse

New database GW Serves on Give Pulse replaces Noble Hour: Resources for faculty and students in Community Engaged Courses

August 2018 courses will be the first courses to use GW Serves on Give Pulse tracking for community impact. The new database is easy to use and allows students to track all the CES course hours, as well as other community impacts.

For faculty information click for a PDF to help you get started with using GW Serves on Give Pulse for your classes.

For faculty and students click HERE for a series of video tutorials that cover common questions about setting up your GW Serves Give Pulse class or individual account. If you need help managing your dashboard click HERE for a video tutorial.

If you haven't claimed your account yet don't worry. Look for an email from GW Serves Community Engaged Scholarship on Give Pulse inviting you to join the Community-Engaged Scholarship group page. GWserves (aka GivePulse) is the new database platform from the Nashman Center for tracking community impact. We will be using it to track community engagement, promote our events, make connections across issue areas and log service hours. You can use the platform to building out class content, engage people in discussion, or highlight service opportunities.

When you receive this message to "claim your account" click the link provided and then sign up with your first name, last name, and GW email. 

For a quick rundown of the system, tutorials for managing your group, and how to navigate the interface please reference the video links below.

  1. Basics of GivePulse

  2. How to Navigate the User Dashboard

  3. How to Create and Manage an Event

  4. How to Manage Your Group and Your Members

  5. How to Verify Service Hours

We hope this system will make it easier for everyone to serve, track, and reflect on their community engagement as well as open up opportunities to expand their group, individual, and GW impact.