ArtReach GW Program Art Highlighted in the Washington Post

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The Washington Post wrote an article about local art galleries and included a showcase of Terence Nicholson’s “Home” at the ArtReach GW Community Gallery at THEARC. The Washington Post wrote:

Most of the artworks in Terence Nicholson’s “Home,” at ArtReach GW Community Gallery at THEARC, were in his Willow Street Gallery show early this year. These autobiographical assemblages are worth revisiting or seeing for the first time. Perhaps the most evocative is “Safety Jacket: A Mourning in Chinatown,” which incorporates the partly shredded banner of the downtown martial-arts school the artist frequented before its 2016 eviction.

Among the pieces exclusive to this show are “Mother Figure,” an embodiment of domestic refuge that glows from inside, and “Daisy Cutter (Dreamsicle Cemetery).” The latter is a wall-mounted memorial for children killed in overseas wars or on American streets, with half-eaten ice pops substituting for graves on a green turf-covered outcropping. For Nicholson, who grew up not far from the location of his current show, the idea of home contains both comfort and menace.

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