GW School of Nursing Hosts Event to Build Community Partnerships

February 1st, the School of Nursing hosted community partners and faculty for a day to share knowledge, understand each others aims, and discuss potential initiatives. In addition to networking and roundtable brainstorming, several existing initiatives were presented, including:

  • Dr. Erin Athey: The Barbershop Embedded Education Project, addressing mental wellbeing in Wards 7 and 8 in partnership with local barbershop owners

  • Dr. Sherrie Wallington: Addressing Health Disparities and Reaching for Health Equity through Community Engaged Research

  • Dr. Linda Briggs: Implementing the Nurse Practitioner Role in Chile

  • Dr. Karen Dawn and Dr. Sandra Davis: Photo Voice with Camp Dogwood

  • Carmen Session: The Pipeline and Pathway Program - Creating opportunities for high school and community college students to advance in the health sciences

  • Dr. Joyce Pulcini and Dr. Janet Phoenix: Developing a student/family centered school health collaborative

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