John Saltmarsh Community Engagement and Higher Education: Recap and Resources

A recap of our conversation with John Saltmarsh including links to resources, the video, presentation slides, and articles mentioned in the session.

There were so many great takeaways in yesterday’s conversation we cannot cover them all and encourage you to listen to the session.

The link between faculty diversity and support for community-engaged scholarship. Research by Saltmarsh and others suggests a link between explicit rewards for community-engaged scholarship and an institution’s ability to attract and retain faculty of color and women. Young faculty in particular, are interested in scholarly careers that link knowledge and learning with the public good. They are seeking institutions that will support them in those aims. Link here for a paper on this issue co-authored by Saltmarsh: “Full Participation: Building the Architecture for Diversity and Public Engagement in Higher Education” (2011).

The need for both policy and faculty education in changing institutional culture. Saltmarsh’s current research is examining an institution that recently experienced an intentional shift to support community-engaged scholarship, including a call for all departments to explicitly address support for this work in their bylaws and policies. More on that project is provided here: UNC faculty plan.

Clear policies are necessary but are not sufficient. As a university provost once told Saltmarsh, “policies don’t vote.” It is important that faculty involved in reviewing tenure cases understand how to evaluate community-engaged research for quality and impact. Saltmarsh noted, “Can we value a range of scholarly products? We have to rethink that the only thing that counts is a peer reviewed journal, which may not be of interest to a community partner. These journals are highly specialized, which means they are read by very few. We have to explicitly rethink ‘impact’.”

Resources referred to in the Saltmarsh presentation:

2013 Tulane White Paper -academic review and engagement

HERI Faculty Surveys

2010 Carnegie data

Cleveland State University- Confronting the Careless (Byron White)

Links to papers by Saltmarsh:

We hope you’ll be able to use these resources and we’ll see you in
February at the next conversation.

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