Faculty Learning Community on Black Lives Matter Will Continue for 2019

The Nashman FLC: Bringing Black Lives Matter into the Community-Engaged Classroom will continue to meet monthly in 2019, and others are welcome to join them. Please contact the FLC chair Phyllis Ryder for more information (pryder@gwu.edu).

In Spring 2019, this FLC will meet the first Thursday of the month: Feb 7, Mar 7, Apr 4 & May 2,  from 3-5 pm in District House B115.

Click here for a recap on this FLC’s 2018 activities.

FLC Description:

Chair: Phyllis Ryder, University Writing Program

Do you find yourself drawing on your disciplinary expertise to think about contemporary social and political events, such as Black Lives Matter, with its social media activism, critiques of criminal justice, or intersectional organizing tactics?  Do you worry that bringing BLM into class will seem too political or forced?  In this Faculty Learning Community, faculty across the university will explore how to link our courses with DC-specific community contexts so that the pertinent questions arise from the ground up. We will identify relevant texts, explore hands-on class activities, and build strategies to incorporate current political events in our classes in a way that feels right to each of us as teachers and citizens.  

The purpose of this FLC is to build community across disciplines and encourage innovative teaching approaches that reflect GW’s commitments to “engage deeply in real-world problems” and “infuse the ideas of citizenship and leadership into everything we do”.

The FLC will convene monthly throughout 2018 and will involve moderate reading in preparation for our meetings. Our goal is to develop inter-disciplinary approaches to connecting local, current events within community-engaged classrooms.