Chavez, Huerta, Itliong (CHI) day events are fast approaching!

Thursday and Friday, March 28th and 29th on the third floor of the Marvin Center is the fourth annual GW Chavez, Huerta, and Itliong Day, offering opportunities for faculty & students! 

Chaves Huerta Itliong (CHI) day members are working diligently to raise awareness about Cesar Chaves, Dolores Huerta, Larry Itliong, and the farmworkers movement at GWU - delving into the principals and influence of each person while advocating for the social justice issues that impact our society. If you would like to get involved email  

Submit a photo of your work or a working concept to the exhibition in Marvin Center on March 28th - 29th. Your submission(s) will be displayed as a part of the annual celebration of CHI. For details, questions, and submissions, contact Katie Loos and Grace Fisher:  

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