2019 Spring Symposium Brings Community Engaged Students and Faculty together to Share Scholarship

Thanks to everyone who attended, presented and supported the Spring 2019 Nashman Symposium on Community Engaged Scholarship!

The symposium brought students and faculty from The Schools of Nursing, Business, Engineering, Education, Medicine, Media and Public Affairs, Columbian College, community partners working with students in courses and members of the GWU community together for an afternoon of community engaged scholarship discussion and dissemination. 75 students presented their work at the symposium showcase using video galleries, posters or laptop presentations to show attendees their research findings in unique ways. Students discussed a wide variety of topics-some presented information on their service site, others showcased community engaged research projects. Many of the student presenters are enrolled in courses designated by the Nashman Center as community engaged https://givepul.se/0xnbhq and their research and service in the community are woven into course objectives.

During lunch participants discussed data from the National Center on Citizenship DC Civic Health Index https://ncoc.org/research-type/2014dcchi/ at their tables with faculty facilitators and challenged each other to think about what kind of neighbors we are when we work with and in the DC community.

The day ended with reflection panels led by students and faculty with discussions on a wide range of issues including sustainability, Knapp Fellowship and Eco-Equity Projects, service with Latinx communities, community service as good business, pathways to service and issues of race and service.

We thank everyone for being part of Community Engaged Scholarship at GWU!

Nashman Affiliate Faculty Leslie Jacobson Honored at Women's Work Event

Professor Leslie Jacobson, a Nashman Affiliate Faculty member and chair of the Faculty Learning Community on Community Engagement and the Arts, was honored at a retirement celebration commemorating her 42 years of teaching at GW and her commitment to students and the community. Read the coverage in GW Today about the event here.

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Event Recap: Dr. Maranda Ward The History of Inequity in DC: What Community Engaged Scholars Need to Know

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On Wednesday, March 26th, the Nashman Center hosted our March Breakfast on Community-Engaged Scholarship at Gelman Library! Doctor Maranda Ward, a Nashman Affiliated Faculty member and Professor at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, presented and led a robust discussion.

The presentation focused on historic inequality in D.C. that has perpetuated to this day and the ways that GW faculty and students can interact with organizations fighting for justice in an appropriate way - by lifting up communities in the areas where they are strong. Thank you to everyone who came out for this enlightening conversation.

If you missed the event or want a chance to review what was discussed today check out the PowerPoint from Dr. Ward here.

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February Conversation Recap - Community Engaged Scholarship and Activist Movements: Making the Connection


The Black History Month Nashman Breakfast Conversation on Community Engaged Scholarship was hosted this week by the Black Lives Matter Faculty Learning Community (FLC).

Some BLM FLC goals that faculty kept in mind during discussions were:

  • Going against socialization

  • Preparing students to live with tension

  • Cultural mindfulness, humility, and competence

If you missed the presentation, or want a recap, the PowerPoint from the presentation can be found here and video of the presentation can be found here.


Dr. Maranda C. Ward is part of the school of Medicine and Health Sciences and she stated that their mission as a school is “excellence through diversity and inclusion” and “addressing the challenges of health equity.” Dr. Ward created a health equity course audit rubric which assessed health equity classes based on if they were implementing diverse cultural perspectives and found that many of the classes weren’t including diverse course work. Now as a department they are trying to figure out the best way to revise curriculum.


Dr. Imani Cheers teaches digital storytelling she revised her syllabus to include Black Lives Matter themes and issues. Students were assigned projects about social justice advocacy, researched areas outside of Foggy Bottom, and created a website of their videos, which you can find here: https://monumedia2018.wixsite.com/home


Dr. Susan LeLacheur and Dr. Howard Straker teach together in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. In their classroom, they diversified case scenarios, used implicit bias tests and added material on African American historical trauma, and prenatal care. The session ended with faculty discussing ways to talk about race in their classes with conversations about Governor Northam and how to discuss the issue with students.


Thank you to the BLM FLC for great scholarship!

If you would like to join this or any other FLC, information is here. RSVP to our next Breakfast Conversation on Community-Engaged Scholarship here.

Thank You for Making the Fall 2018 Symposium on Community Engaged Scholarship a Success!

The Symposium was a success and we want to thank the students, faculty and community partners who spent the afternoon learning from and engaging with each other! Everyone learned a great deal from the presenters, Dr. Jacobsen’s Theater Students gave the audience a new way to think about immigration with their presentation, the showcases from community engaged courses highlighted the service, research, learning and action that students undertook throughout the semester and the concluding panels examined community engaged scholarship in depth- all great examples of engagement with our community and our scholarship.

If you missed the symposium check out the great people who presented here: https://www.gwnashmancenter.org/symposium/

Two of our presenters-Dr. Imani Cheers’ class and Gillian Joseph 2018-2019 Knapp Fellowship Winner have websites to share with us in case you missed their sessions at the symposium or wanted to learn more here they are https://monumedia2018.wixsite.com/home & https://findourwomen.org/

Do you have scholarship to share? Mark your calendar for the spring symposium on April 26, 2019!

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Follow-up: Conversation on Gender-Based Harassment at Service Site

The November 14th, Conversation on Community-Engaged Scholarship was about gender-based harassment or assault in the context of service sites. Several faculty have recently had students express discomfort from experiencing unwanted attention while at their service-site. This Conversation was intended to be the first of many discussions about how to respond and how to proactively prepare students to feel more comfortable communicating their boundaries, particularly in the context of the service relationship.

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