Civic House students selected as flag bearers for the 2016 GW Convocation ceremony

Civic House students selected as flag bearers for the 2016 GW Convocation ceremony

Fall Course Registration

Civic House Scholars enroll HSSJ 4198: Citizen Leadership. The course is not open to the general student population, so you cannot register for it yourself. Civic House students will be automatically registered this August.

However, it is important that you keep your Fall class schedule open during the class meeting time: Thursdays, 12:45pm-3:15pm.

Spring University Writing Course

In the Spring semester, there is a special section of the University Writing (UW) course for Civic House Scholars only. This course is optional, but highly recommended. The professor is the director of GW’s Writing Center and a published scholar on the intersection of writing and community-engagement. If you plan to take advantage of the Civic House UW course in Spring, then it is important that you do NOT enroll in a Fall UW course.

Early Move-in and Citizen Leadership Activities

Civic House students join a special sub-set of students allowed to move into GW housing early. You will be living in West hall and should plan to move in on Sunday, August 20th

You will have a busy and enjoyable week getting to know GW, fellow students, and Washington, DC. First, you will attend the Institute for Citizen Leaders, a 3-day training and orientation for student leaders at GW. The latter half of the week, you will participate in Community Building Community, a community-service experience for GW Freshmen.

Civic House Saturdays and Mentor Dinners

In addition to the Citizen Leadership course, all Civic House Scholars participate in co-curricular programs as well. 

Civic House Saturdays are monthly opportunities for you to engage in service as well as meet with community leaders in Washington to learn about other forms of civic engagement, such as advocacy, activism, policy and governance, or social entrepreneurship. 

Mentor Dinners are a monthly dinner you will enjoy with your Civic House Mentor, an upper-class GW student and former Civic House Scholar, who is here to get to know your interests, help you navigate the many opportunities available at GW, and connect you to people who can help you reach your goals.